PR Intern

Job Description

As a PR intern (spring, summer, fall semester as appropriate), you will work with management to construct an entrepreneurial PR strategy, with the objective of getting meaningful press and back links to increase LiveCirrus' footprint on the web. Take the reins of our social media handles, write blog posts, and attend networking events in the Boston entrepreneurial community to get the word out and help us capture mindshare. We will work with you to structure the role in a way that is valuable for your professional profile while accommodating your ideas and creative tactics.

Desired skills and traits:

  • Scrappy, entrepreneurial mindset; strong desire to build a mobile software company from the ground up
  • Enthusiasm, sense of humor in the face of challenging situations; comfort with ambiguity
  • Basic tech savvy; ability to articulate the value proposition around our solutions
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • PR/Communications degrees highly desired but all majors welcome

This will be an internship to start out, but can ramp to ongoing consulting engagements or FT/equity compensation with the marketing team.

To apply, please send resume and relevant links (LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, etc.) along with a brief statement of interest to

Company Background:

LiveCirrus was founded in early 2010 to provide the latest mobile devices with access to complex software applications that require the additional computing horsepower of desktops. One of the earliest entrants to the mobile cloud computing space, LiveCirrus has grown to offer custom solutions based on our cloud platform, as well as a suite of apps in the iOS and Android markets that showcase the benefits of mobile cloud computing.

As mobile tablets and smartphones become increasingly streamlined, we foresee a growing need for cloud resources to host and deploy apps for businesses and consumers alike. Our goal is to assist companies of all sizes tackle the challenge of migrating their employees and customers to mobile.

LiveCirrus was a Mass Challenge 2011 Finalist.

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