Custom App Solutions for Business

LiveCirrus enables businesses to preserve and prolong the value of costly desktop app development by rapidly deploying apps to mobile tablets and smart phones using our proprietary cloud architecture.

Total Customization

In addition to basic desktop-to-mobile deployment, we offer customization ranging from browser plugin modification and location awareness, to full private server migration.

Security & Stability

Transmissions to and from the LiveCirrus platform are SSL encrypted, and are hosted on Amazon E3 servers.  If your company desires additional security, we can partition installations to GovCloud servers, or host within datacenters of your choice.


Integrate your existing technology into our platform to achieve desktop parity fast.  If you're already pursuing a mobile strategy, you can take advantage of the LiveCirrus platform while retaining full control of your code base.

Integrate & Leverage Powerful Mobility Features

LiveCirrus can be used to address a broad range of issues where adapting desktop applications to mobile devices is presenting a challenge for CIO’s and other technical leaders.

Bar Code Tracking

Improve controls and reduce shrinkage by integrating inventory tracking and asset management systems.

GPS Awareness

Sync with desktop apps to take advantage of location based functionality.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Integrate with your existing sales processing and tracking software.

To learn more about how we can assist in implementing your company’s mobility strategy, please fill out this form and we will reach out to you shortly.

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