The LiveCirrus Explainer Video is Here

Many thanks to Derek Merdinyan at for producing our first (awesome!) explainer video. Super responsive to feedback communications and he worked with us down to the last detail to get everything just right.

We’re working on finding a better home for the video elsewhere on our site, but for now, you can watch it here:

Google Recommends Virtualization for Legacy E-Learning Apps

Google is pushing Chromebook for education environments and recommends virtualization/remote desktop approaches for the following:

-Thick client apps like Microsoft Office

-Web pages that require older or Microsoft-only technologies (e.g. require Internet Explorer)

-Support for plugins other than Flash (e.g. Java plugins, Silverlight, etc.) for web apps such as Aleks, Blackboard, and Pearson

Read the whitepaper here. Are you using Chromebook in an educational setting? Send us a note and tell us more!

LiveCirrus Founder Talks Mobility at Babson

Lida Tang presented his thoughts on mobile apps at Babson: monetization and launch strategies, as well as past, present, and future of the mobile ecosystem. Watch the video and get the slide deck here.

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