BYOD and the Virtualization Trend

Forrester analyst David Johnson predicts an inflection point for VDI in his report, Has VDI Peaked? A Change in the Adoption Drivers Sheds New Light, and New Life, citing rapid growth of the BYOD trend in business. Work style flexibility, not cost and efficiency, are taking priority in IT departments these days, which aligns with what we’re hearing from customers. Most interesting about his report was the dramatic increase in the number of employees willing to cover the costs of their own devices for the option to use devices of their choice at work.

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Announcing the LiveCirrus Enterprise Portal for iOS and Android

In working with many enterprise clients, we recognized the need to offer a free demo/trial comparable to leading enterprise SaaS vendors such as Salesforce. As a startup vendor in the enterprise mobility space, we faced a challenge in delivering such an offering within the parameters of the Apple iOS operating environment, which dictates that iOS apps must reside in the app store and cannot be hosted in external environments and delivered in executable format like most other software.

So we created the LiveCirrus Enterprise Portal for iOS and Android.

Simply click on the appropriate link from your iOS or Android device to download, and contact us with the URL of your company’s web app, then we’ll configure our servers to deliver your mobile incompatible desktop software to your device, and send your login credentials. All FREE until you’re ready to customize and deploy to your customers or employees!

Why You Can't Access Java on iPad & iPhone Without LiveCirrus

Even with Google’s Java to iOS source code translator and Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile extension, the work of translating existing Java applications to both iOS and Android environments remains exceedingly cumbersome. Results are often unpredictable, and mobile software development projects are likely to be dovetailed with HTML5 and Native development efforts, further compromising the practicality of continuing to work with Java.

The practicality matter, combined with Apple’s ideological stance against Java as conveyed in these remarks from Steve Jobs – “Java’s not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It’s this big heavyweight ball and chain” – suggest it to be inevitable that Java will remain blocked in the iOS operating system. Why even commit the time, energy and resources trying to adapt your Java code to a mobile friendly format in an already complicated, often confusing mobility environment? The LiveCirrus cloud virtualization approach can efficiently deliver both Flash and Java to iOS AND Android devices, without complex, time consuming redevelopment initiatives.

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