3 Key Benefits of Mobile Technology in Manufacturing

Under increased pressure to perform at higher outputs in shorter timeframes, manufacturers around the world are turning to mobile solutions—both on the sales floor and in the warehouse. Here are three remarkable advantages they can expect from incorporating mobile technology:

1. Time Saved. According to Mutual Mobile, mobile apps save the average manufacturing employee 42 minutes per day. This translates to increased efficiency and decreased lag in processing sales orders, retrieving data, and sending information to customers. As a bonus, reporting from the floor to upper management has never been easier (and vice versa).

2. Improved Management. Tablets and notebooks can help managers with everything from scheduling and assigning tasks to organizing their contacts for various projects. A study by Sage North America found that mobile business apps are instrumental in cross-department project planning and communication across company channels. Mobile technology also streamlines inventory management and supply chain processes.

3. Reduced Cost. An effective mobile strategy can cut down energy and travel costs significantly. Instead of digging through thick instruction manuals, workers can get the information they need from hosted content and video training guides on tablets, thereby eliminating the need for an in-house demonstration or consultant. Instant access to real-time information better informs decision-makers, who are then less likely to make costly errors.

These are only the tip of the iceberg. Mobile-minded manufacturers know that they can leverage new tools to drastically increase operational efficiency. But what about all of the time and money invested in existing enterprise servers and legacy software? Surely it wouldn’t be logical to toss all of those systems out the window. Indeed, it isn’t: The most effective mobile strategies integrate new apps and software into the company’s existing infrastructure. To learn more about how to accomplish this, check out our white paper, “Native Development, HTML5, and Virtualization: An Overview of Enterprise Mobility Strategies” here.

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