InformationWeek : Apple Doesn't Rule the School

A recent InformationWeek article by Richard Hoffman titled Arch Frenemy, very cleverly outlines some of Apple’s weaknesses in serving up enterprise friendly products.

While covering a range of known issues with Apple’s approach to integrating its products with enterprise, a subsection covers how schools are handling mobile deployments.

Recommended best practices include:

*Formalize BYOD.

*Standardize the gear.

*Use caution when considering tablets as PC replacements.

Notable in this subsection is the mention of content filters that block most Flash content, even when delivered through third party vendors that specialize in virtualizing Flash content. In this sense, LiveCirrus is exceptional in that our cloud platform can be configured to accommodate existing content filtering protocols on the server side, effectively circumventing this vexing IT challenge for educational environments.

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