Tablet Use in Schools is Growing Explosively!

We were excited to come across this recent article Wellesley Considers Requiring iPads for All 5th Graders, as it reinforces what we’ve been hearing from some of our industry leading clients in the e-learning space since we launched in 2010. Schools are quickly discovering what an incredible tool the iPad can be for engaging students, while the questions about how to implement the right apps and take full advantage of the new technology are still under debate amongst educators and e-learning software vendors alike.

A common theme we see from our discussions with leading e-learning companies that have been building and selling software into educational environments for years, is that in many cases, millions of dollars have been pumped into developing very complex, dynamic Flash content that doesn’t work in either iOS or Android operating systems. These companies are now eager to keep up with the growing tablet trends in schools, but are at a loss as to how they can continue to monetize all their valuable legacy content, given that even HTML5 doesn’t quite cut it with respect to rendering rich content, and native development initiatives can take years to complete.

Furthermore, we hear that iOS tablets are dominant in the marketplace at the moment, but there is a commonly recognized business case to be made for cheaper Chromebooks and other Android based tablets to gain widespread adoption in education environments. So iOS vs. Android development decisions must be made to address interoperability problems that could otherwise be muddied dramatically by this potential shift in the hardware ecosystem 2-5 years from now.

This is where LiveCirrus cloud virtualization comes in. We enable companies to focus on new development initiatives while cost effectively delivering Flash, Java, and other incompatible legacy components to iOS AND Android based mobile devices NOW, not months or years from now!

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