LiveCirrus Enterprise Mobility Strategies Whitepaper Available for Download

Native Development, HMTL5, and Virtualization: An Overview of Enterprise Mobility Strategies is now available. Please submit your company info here to access a free copy.

“Without question, mobile tablets and smartphones have evolved dramatically in recent years from nice-to-have novelty toys to vital, productivity enhancing business tools. As your company scrambles to integrate mobility into their IT ecosystems, those leading the effort will quickly realize that sophisticated desktop applications often don’t work on the latest smartphones and tablets. Your company’s legacy software may be incompatible with the mobile operating system, or the device simply doesn’t have the computing horsepower to deliver the performance levels your workforce needs. Simple workflows that are hardcoded into the desktop software, such as timesheet inputs or financial data displays, don’t translate or are inaccessible on the mobile device.

But these simple workflows are vital to our corporate mobility strategy!

Your company has already committed to going mobile. All or part of your workforce will be armed with the latest mobile devices by the end of the fiscal year, and they may even be bringing their own devices to work today. Your IT leaders are scrambling to present a cohesive approach that makes sense from a time and cost perspective, but everyone agrees that the solution is more complicated than it may have seemed.

Maybe it’s your customers, not your employees that are eager to realize usability benefits from deploying your software onto their mobile devices. Lots of customer loyalty and revenue are at stake, but what approach to mobility makes the most practical sense?

This whitepaper explores the basics of mobile development alongside the key features and benefits of virtualization."

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