LiveCirrus was founded in early 2010 to provide the latest mobile devices with access to complex software applications that require the additional computing horsepower of desktops. Our first consumer application, Cloud Browse, has been downloaded over 1M times, and has been widely covered in the media by USA Today, cNet, Maclife, Appolicious, and MacNewsworld, amongst others.

One of the earliest entrants to the mobile cloud computing space, LiveCirrus has grown to offer custom solutions based on our cloud platform, as well as a suite of apps in the iOS and Android markets that showcase the benefits of mobile cloud computing.

As mobile tablets and smartphones become increasingly streamlined, we foresee a growing need for cloud resources to host and deploy apps for businesses and consumers alike. Our goal is to assist companies of all sizes tackle the challenge of migrating their employees and customers to mobile.

LiveCirrus was a Mass Challenge 2011 Finalist.

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